Slide into Google

05 August 2010


The news you have read is true, Google have acquired us and I’ll become a Google employee. Before I get into what I think about the whole thing, I want to say that I’m very happy and grateful to be part of Slide the past 4 years of my life. Great work everyone, great work Max.

Now for those who cares about what I think about the whole thing, read on.

Max has been quoted many times saying something along the line of if Slide cashed out for $1.5 billion or less, he would regard it as abject failure. It’s definitely a very ballsy thing to say, but it’s really as if Kobe said it’s a failure if they don’t get a championship next year. It’s a no brainer, Max along with the other execs at Slide are a competitive bunch, just meeting the PayPal dream wouldn’t have been satisfying.

So was this a success or failure?

Before I answer that, I want to bring up one of Johnnie’s last blog post on how “It’s hard to predict the future”. Because it’s basically the story of Slide; unpredictable. Let’s go down the list: Bebo acquisition which killed one of the biggest platform we were developing on at the time. The collapse of advertising market forced us to reshape our revenue model. The crack down of the Facebook police put us under the microscope. The slow death of MySpace, another big platform gone. Last but not least, the constant hostility from Facebook with application developers slowing killing every viral channel. Sure, shit happens, nothing is easy, and start-ups are suppose to high risk. But man, this journey was rough, and we’re all pretty beaten up.

Okay, let’s answer that question by taking a trip down memory lane.

Slide started as a desktop application which later turned into a social widget with millions of embeds and billions of views. Success. During the early Facebook app development era, a bunch of us spent endless nights in the office cranking stuff out and you know what, we topped the chart. Success. Not long after, we had a all-hands where we were going over a bunch of company goals and one of which was revenue. This was the first time we really talked about our revenue goals and you know what, we met it. We made big deals with advertisers like Paramount and AT&T making really high priced, high volume deals. Success. After the market collapse, we changed our business model from advertising to selling virtual goods straight to users. We were selling out $50 pixel paintings a la carte in SuperPoke! Pets. Success. So Slide sold to Google? I don’t care what you say, mother fucking success.

But Kho, what about these guys?


Okay fine. So we can’t succeed everything in life. Some occasional fail moments are inevitable. What’s important is that we made some great memories and had fun. Good luck to all you ex-Sliders, stay awesome. =]

Original image edited from Ji Lee