Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass

05 June 2012

Earlier today, Microsoft Xbox announced a bunch of upcoming features and deals they’ll bring into your living room. The one I thought was most interesting is SmartGlass. SmartGlass is an application that allow your mobile devices to run on TV. It’s basically Apple Airplay for multiple devices - which is pretty awesome. Below is Marc Whitten, Corporate VP of Xbox Live giving the demo:

Xbox is probably the best product Microsoft have ever built from scratch. Owning whole experience from inside out, they’ve done a great job in its design, development and marketing, it’s not surprising that it’s such a wild success. But I never bought an Xbox because I never felt it’s a great differentiator to its competitors. I bought PS3 because it can play Blu-ray and I bought the Wii to experience its interactivity. Xbox had Halo. I don’t care about Halo.

SmartGlass however, appeal to me as a consumer. Especially since I’ve been thinking about buying an Apple TV solely for the purpose of Airplay. But now, SmartGlass makes Apple TV look like a Blu-ray player next to a PS3.

Hats off to Microsoft for introducing a great feature to upsale Halo. I’m sold.