07 June 2012

In case you have’t heard, the highly anticipated Airtime brought to you by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker is finally live. So what is Airtime?

Airtime is a live video platform that allows you to connect with old and new friends in a fun and simple way.

People inside the valley are fascinated with this product mostly because of Sean Parker. People outside of the valley are also fascinated because of its over-the-top launch party. The thing reminds me of the half hour LeBron James decision on ESPN. As we all know, hype can only get you so far. But I’m not here to criticize Airtime, nor am I here to praise it, I just want to see people to be more open minded and give it a chance.

People used to say “Facebook will never replace MySpace” or “Why do I care when you took a shit on Twitter?”. Turns out Facebook could replace MySpace and you do care about when people take a shit. Now people saying Airtime is just Chatroulette without the naked men.

James Hong (But don't worry, James Hong ran a test for you, the penis filter is legit)

I would like to think that Parker and Fanning are smarter than that and have a bigger picture that we’re not seeing at this moment. Dave Morin is still figuring out Path. Dennis Crowely is trying to reinvent Foursquare. If anything, Foursquare’s total redesigned application today showed us that these things takes time, nothing is an overnight success (shut up about Instagram already, that’s like winning the lottery).

I personally don’t care about meeting random people just for fun, but I can see how it’d be extremely useful if I need help with some specific task. This is the powerful part about building out their interest graph. Meeting strangers with similar interest is what led to Sean and Shawn to start Napster. Again, I don’t know what their long term vision is and I don’t want to assume. There are no definite success in this world. Start ups rise and fall, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they’ll figure it out. Best of luck guys