Stay classy, Sliders

28 December 2012


With New Years just around the corner, I figure there’s no better way to celebrate than getting a brand new start. That said, this email was a lot harder to write than I predicted. I think it’s because Slide has been way more than just work for me the past six years. I mean, I saw you guys way more than my own family. I learned so much from you brilliant bunch, both Sergio and I literally grew up here (I hear Sergio is a grown up now). Most importantly, it was just so much fun.

Growing up at Slide made me realize a few things that I will forever remember and carry throughout the rest of my career.

Fuck entitlement
Back in the days, we didn’t get nice 30” monitors or fancy Wacom tablets. My first laptop as an intern was a hammy down and I had to draw with my trackpad. When I joined full time, I asked Johnnie for a 17” MBP, his exact words were, “We’ll get you a 15”, and when you work your ass off like Fernando, you can ask for nicer toys.”

Be passionate
No one were forced to pull all nighters or come in on weekends. Do it out of passion and just have fun. Complaining or bragging about it means you’re doing it for the wrong reason.

Be humble
When we work hard and accomplish great things. It’s important to remind ourselves not to get big headed.

Optimize for happiness
Lastly, being happy is extremely important. It affect every aspect of our lives – friends, family, co-workers and even the very product we’re building. Life is too short, if you’re unhappy, change it.

Anyways, the valley is a small place so I’ll save the goodbyes. Instead, I want to thank you for giving me the privilege to work with you all. Slide has been special. I genuinely wish everyone luck both in and outside of Google. I especially love seeing Sliders popping up in TechCrunch.

Stay classy,