Google image search redesign

June 01, 2010


Google have been moving forward with a lot of daring redesigns as of late. It’s really surprising to see the giant make such bold move. Of course, they’re going to run a million A/B tests before they settle with a final design. But I think the real reason might be because Bing is lighting some fire and they’re ready to make some changes. Especially with the rumor that the new iPhone will be defaulting their search to Bing. But who knows, I’m just happy to see these kind of competitions pushing companies to innovate/provide better experiences.

Control, Google, control!

May 31, 2010


Like everything else we do in life, if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. In terms of being the best tech company today, Google and Apple are undeniably the best. While it may take a decade to find out who is actually better, it’s definitely very interesting to see the two duking it out on the mobile battlefield.

In one end, we have Google taking the open platform, “Don’t be evil” approach. On the other, Apple is taking the controlled, “One man, one platform, one device” approach. For some reason, this just stirred up a lot of memories for me from about three years ago when Facebook launched their platform. For those who don’t remember exactly what happened. Facebook at that time was third to MySpace and Bebo in terms of size but Facebook quickly surpassed the two by opening up their developer platform, inviting developers like us to run wild on their playground. It was beautiful and exciting for both the platform and the developer side. Without fail, Google noticed this phenomenal as well and they were itching to do something about it; Enter OpenSocial. OpenSocial is an APIs that interoperable with any social network that supports them, allowing third party developers to develop on their platform. Sounds like a great idea right? At least Hi5, MySpace, Orkut, Netlog, Friendster, Ning and Yahoo thought so. I remember asking Jeremiah if Facebook is going to adopt OpenSocial as well after he came back from Fire Camp. His answer was no and I just thought that was the strangest move by Facebook. Why is Facebook running a different direction from the rest of the pack? Especially when it’s Google leading them? Now you know, it’s because of control.

The way Steve Jobs runs his mobile platform is very similar to how Zuck is running his (and vice versa). It is one man’s vision/crusade on how they see their platform to be beneficial to the world (or themselves). Flash on iPhone? Suck it, Adobe. Can’t grow you apps on Facebook? Quit whining, developers. Yes, I am some what bitter because I am on the developer side and it’s just frustrating your destiny isn’t in your hands. But despite of that, I think it’s generally a good thing when a market isn’t dominated by one single company. People deserve to choose between Coke and Pepsi. Not like you’re listening but if you are, Google, please don’t fail in Android like you failed with OpenSocial. iPhone is already dominating 50% of the smartphone market. Find your Yoda and control your platform.

Back in SF

May 08, 2010

So I was back in SF last week (For those who didn’t know, sorry I didn’t tell you but I didn’t tell anyone, I just sort of showed up), I had a wonderful trip despite of the horrific flight experience that would probably take me two three posts to explain so I’m not even going to try.

It was definitely a very good reminder to the good things about the states; the air is a lot cleaner, the traffic is a lot more civilized, the coffee is so much better, and family/friends are still awesome. The other reason why I didn’t tell anyone I was back was because it wasn’t really a vacation, I still had to go to work everyday. Work was interesting, I didn’t feel like I had enough time to do all the things I wanted but I did manage to talk to a few people to catch up on the things I missed. It was fun to hear about all the events happened after I left especially since Slide is such a fast changing company, if you missed one day, you basically missed a year. I also had the chance to meet up with my old boss, Johnnie, found out that he’s going to have a baby girl some time in June (Congratulations man!)

I guess the other thing that’s worth mentioning since I’m such a geek, is that I got the new Nexus One. I know a lot of you are shocked by the decision because I’m such a big Apple fan, how dare I buy anything other than the iPhone. Well, as big of a fan of Apple as I am, I’m a bigger fan of technology in general. If I’m going to stick with iPhone, I need to know if it is the best smart phone out there. And after using this for a week or so, there are few things I really like about the Nexus. Such as the use of widgets, the flash on camera, the camera itself, the free GPS navigation system, and the Google’s apps within. Sure, iPhone is still better with its multi-touch, browser/email experience, and of course, the app store. But I got to say the Nexus is pretty damn good, iPhone is still the better phone in my opinion but it’s definitely not the best. But anyways, great trip overall, it was awesome to see everyone.

Do we need HTML5?

April 22, 2010

I’ve asked that question many times myself and while I’m still not very sure if I have a definite answer yet. The following Yammer post from my colleague, Sergio Villarreal, is definitely convincing me to say yes. “Omg this is the coolest thing you’ll see today. I knew html5 included support for both video and the canvas tag, but it didn’t occur to me that you could perpetrate an unholy marriage of both:”

Oh man, after seeing this, I’m beginning to think that Jobs is right about Flash. Again.

Introducing Photoshop CS5

April 12, 2010

I’ve been following the new Photoshop CS5 for a while now and they just release the new packaging this morning through their Facebook page.

I am geeking out so hard now, some of the new features looks really awesome; like Aware Fill, HDR toning, and Puppet Warp. I know the last release was some what disappointing and a lot of people said that it’s really hard for Photoshop to innovate at this point but I’m genuinely excited.