Staff Designer / Autonomous Unit
2010 - 2012

Autonomous Units are idependent divisions within Google who have the freedom to run like a startup. AUs' mission is to tackle the next billion dollar bussiness idea by starting small and nimble. Also like a startup, AUs have a strict "Scale Fast or Fail Fast" mentality. I led product design for two AU properties, Disco and Prizes

Here are the UI docs we designed to implement Twitter into Disco and create simple list/grid view for Prizes.

Director of Designer / Social
2007 - 2010

Slide was founded by Max Levchin, co-founder of PayPal. Early 2007 while pursuing an undergrad degree at AAU, Max tried talking me out of college and joining him full time. He succeeded as I joined right away and eventually dropped out. At Slide, I worked closely with Johnnie Manzari on early photo properties: SlideShow, FunPix, Guestbook, and SkinFlix where we served over 200 million impressions a day. We were one of the first and most popular developer on Facebook and OpenSocial. I worked on all of our applications which had over 60 million installs.

In mid 08, Mike, Will, Fernado and myself hacked through few nights and weekends to launch SPP. SPP was our first step in social gaming which turned out to be our most profitable business unit, and most engaging property. I helped scale and manage 20+ designers from our SF & Shanghai office as well as various external design firms around the world. I was responsible for branding design, product design, training, and contract negotiation.

August 2010, we were acquired by Google, you can read my thoughts on the acqusition here.

Here is a sample UI/UX doc we used to redesign